DeKalb County's Affordable Production Studio


From production space only to a full turnkey solution.


Built around the needs of the independent film making and playwrights community, our studio is a haven for rising content producers in metro Atlanta. The New York style actors studio in Atlanta supports projects from audition through rehearsal to production. Here is where directors and producers identify, develop and introduce actors that are camera-ready and center stage-bound. The facility includes 2 actors/rehearsal studios, a podcast/live stream studio, and a small sound stage for principal photography and theatrical workshop productions. Studio amenities include scene furniture, hand props, stages, monitors, play-back cameras, blackboards, and complimentary snacks.



Our full-service production team is the solution for media makers who have a creative idea but lack the time or expertise to produce the appropriate media. From concept to completion we can transform a vision into a visual story. We use industry tools and creative techniques to produce high-quality high definition videos for business, promotions, television, film, and new media.



Courses at the Creative Learning Academy are designed to empower and educate. All classes include hands-on practical experiences and many include take-aways that can be easily applied to improve your life, career or business today. Our special 4ReelCreatives courses were developed specifically to help actors and production personnel build their reels and resumes.

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Raising Production Value One Project at a Time
Helping media makers create projects with high production value

We’ve learned that low budgets challenge media makers ability to produce projects with high production value – the technical elements of a production, such as lighting, decor, and sound in a film, play or artistic performance. Mark SQuared's mission is to help independent storytellers working with micro budgets improve audience appeal by raising production value.

We help media makers raise production value by providing them with affordable studio space, production tools, and other resources. Our team is available to assist media makers whether they need production space only or a full turnkey production solution.

  • Fully equipped HD studios ranging from 625 sq ft to 1,500 sq ft

  • Standard amenities: offices, dressing rooms, make-up & wardrobe, grip and lighting equipment rental

  • Training that helps independent media makers produce effective media

  • Pre and post production support services: show runners, producers, directors, cinematographers, and editors


Dreamers with a plan!

Karlotta Washington

Chief Creative Officer / Arts & Film Producer
A showrunner, producer, and professional marketer. Karlotta believes that the foundation of great media is awesome storytelling. Both creative and analytical Karlotta is the company’s visionary and strategist.

Dre’ MeDallion Washington

Executive Producer/ Cinematographer
Dre’ is a professional videographer, cinematographer and editor with 8 years of experience telling visual stories. He is the studios General Manager and a professional storyteller.

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