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Raising Production Value...

One Project at a Time

We are filmmakers. We’ve been producing video projects such as business videos, music video and shorts for over 7 years now. One of the things that we’ve learned during this time is that low budgets challenge filmmakers, media makers and creatives ability to produce projects with high production value - the technical elements of a production, such as lighting, decor, and sound in a film, play or artistic performance.

Mark SQuared Studios mission is to help independent storytellers working with micro budgets improve audience appeal by raising production value - the technical elements of a production - lights, audio, decor, and more.

Mark SQuared Studios is a 5,100 sq ft rental studio and production space available for rent by the hour, day, week, and month. 2,200 sq ft of Mark SQuared’s facility is dedicated production space. Our soundstage can be used for photo shoots, transformed into a soundstage where all sort of environments can be created. We've had people create sets as simple as corporate offices to the more ambitious vampire lair. The space can also be used as a black box theater for plays and other live performances. The production studio space contains a white hard cyc wall, permanent green screen cyc wall, and two wardrobe & make-up rooms. An additional 625 sq ft flex room can be used for rehearsals, casting calls, coworking space and small meetings.

The balance of the facility is home to the studios heart, The Creative Village. The Village is occupied by the studio owner’s and four creative companies that provide support services to media makers and other creatives.