December 7, 2012


Rent the studio and use our basic production equipment - lights, grip and camera support equipment for the small fee of $20.  Our in studio equipment can help you achieve the look you want and encourage you to try more advance shooting techniques. We even have someone in-studio to walk you through the use of the equipment.*


- Stands
- Frames
- Flags
- Clamps and clips
- Sand bags
- Ladders
- Hand tools
- Reflectors

Camera Support

(1) Tripod dolly
(1) 20 ft PVC pipe track dolly system
(1) Heavy duty tripod
(1) Monopod steady cam
(1) Shoulder mount rig w/ rail system
(1) 2 ft slider
(1) 6 ft Jib crane
(1) 8 ft Jib crane
(1) 4:3 field monitor
(1) 16:9 car monitor


(2) 5-head Octagon soft box w/ 1k watt bulb per head
(2) 24 by 24 soft box w/ 750w HQ bulb
(2) Umbrella kits w/ 200w bulb per head


*Renter assumes all liability for damages to their equipment or the studios equipment. i.e light bulbs, light heads etc.