December 12, 2014

Creative Minds

The Creative Minds

Karlotta Washington is the executive producer at Mark SQuared. Karlotta's background is in business management, marketing and graphic art design. After being in the corporate industry for over 25 years, Karlotta founded Mark SQuared. Both creative and analytical Karlotta is the company's visionary and strategist.

Andre' Washington (DBA Dre MeDallion) is the technical director, cinematographer and chief editor at Mark SQuared. Dre's background is from the photo finishing business where he was employed with Eastman Kodak for over 14 years. Dre worked as a freelance videographer and volunteered at PeopleTV and Comcast Community Television. Dre is the co-founder of Mark SQuared.

You can reach Karlotta at or 404.590.1772 and Dre at or 404.953.5280. They will be happy to help you unbox your creativity and answer any questions you have regarding your upcoming production needs.

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