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Our 2,645 square foot studio is available for rent by the hour, day, week, or month.
The main studio “B-SQuared” is a flexible space that can be used for photo shoots, transformed
into a sound stage, set-up for seminars and conferences, or configured into a  black box theater for plays
and other live performances. The smaller studio “UNBoxed” is a great space for casting calls, rehearsals, and small meetings.


Studio B-Squared

Photography, Video/Film/TV Sound stage, Green Screen, TV Talk Show Set, Presentations, nCasting Calls, Rehearsals

1,500 square foot flexible studio space with access to two shooting areas with white cyc wall and green screen wall and an open gallery/theater space. 


  • 25 ft by 70 ft by 18 ft - main studio
  • Shooting areas
    • 25 ft by 17 ft by 18 ft - white wall
    • 25 ft by 17 ft by 18 ft - green screen wall
    • Painted wall 
  • Multi-media docking station
  • Private dressing room with make-up stations

Studio UNboxed

Photography, TV Talk Show Set, nInterview Room, Small Meetings, Casting Calls, Rehearsals, Training Room, Small Film Shootsn

This 625 square foot intimate studio can be set-up for a casting call, small networking event, or meeting. Shooting areas include a painted wall and seamless paper.


  • 25 ft by 25 ft - flex studio
  • Shooting areas
    • Painted wall
  • Lounge style seating w/ love seats, soft chairs, benches
  • Multi-media docking station
  • Private dressing room with make-up station

Rental Rates

Auditions / Rehearsals / Meetings (UNBoxed) Capacity: 40 ppl
Stop using expensive hotel rooms for casting calls or your living room for rehearsal. At 625 square feet our Studio UNboxed provides plenty of space for auditions, private meetings and rehearsals. The space can also be setup as a black box theater or used for a small gatherings or networking events. 

Studio Rental Rates

  • Mon-Thur, $25 per hour
  • Fri-Sun, $35 per hour

*Ask about our weekly specials and bulk hour discounts
*2-hour minimum booking

Photo / Video / Sound Stage (B-SQuared) 
Mark SQuared is an affordable studio space facility in metro Atlanta. With more than 1,950 square feet of production space our photography / video studio is ideal for independent media makers and professional photographers. The space includes a white cyc wall, green screen, seamless paper backdrops, painted walls, props, and furniture.

Studio Rental Rates

B-SQuared (Main)

  • Mon-Thur, $40 per hour
  • Fri-Sun, $55 per hour

UNboxed (Flex)

  • Mon-Thur, $25 per hour
  • Fri-Sun, $35 per hour

*Discounts available for full day rentals
*2-hour minimum booking


  • Intimate
  • Eclectic
  • Affordable
  • Client Lounge
  • Kitchenette
  • Multi-media Docking Station
  • Dressing / Make-up Rooms
  • 2,645 Square Feet of Space
  • Stages, Seating and Props (available for rent)
  • 30 minute complimentary set-up or breakdown time


Rent the studio and use our basic production equipment - lights, grip and camera support equipment for a small fee.
Our in studio equipment can help you achieve the look you want and encourage you to try more advance shooting techniques..*


  • Stands
  • Frames
  • Flags
  • Clamps and clips
  • Sand bags
  • Ladders
  • Hand tools
  • Reflectors

Camera Support

  • (1) Tripod dolly
  • (1) 20 ft PVC pipe track dolly system
  • (1) Heavy duty tripod
  • (1) Monopod steady cam
  • (1) Shoulder mount rig w/ rail system
  • (1) 2 ft slider
  • (1) 8 ft Jib crane


  • (2) 5-head Octagon soft box w/ 1k watt bulb per head
  • (2) 24 by 24 soft box w/ 750w HQ bulb
  • (2) Umbrella kits w/ 200w bulb per head


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