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Mark SQuared is a full-service video production company. Our production team is the solution for media makers who have a creative idea but lack the time or expertise to produce the appropriate media. From concept to completion our team can transform a vision into a visual story. We use industry tools and creative techniques to produce high-quality high definition video for business, promotions, television, film, and new media.


Many consider pre-production the most important
part of the production process. This is the stage
where we identify your story, put your plan in
place and develop your processes.

Video Production

After the planning is done, it's time for Lights,
Camera, Sound, Action! This is the stage where the crew gets to work and takes your idea
from concept to tangible. 

Post-production & Editing

Using innovative storytelling techniques, natural instincts and tricks of the trade our editors will craft your story into a visual medallion.

  • Develop your concept
  • Write your script
  • Build your budget
  • Select your cast
  • Scout locations
  • Determine the projects visual elements
  • Schedule and monitor your progress
  • Direct
  • Capture your video
  • Light your set
  • Record your sound
  • Dress your set
  • Handle your hair and make-up needs
  • Provide you with a sound stage
  • Voice-over narration
  • Sound design
  • Title sequences
  • Green screen keying
  • Color correction
  • Video encoding
  • Subtitles



Visual content marketing has proven to be a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their customers. Done properly video content marketing is is continually relevant and stays “fresh”. Videos have also been found to engage audiences, increase online and foot traffic and generate sales. Mark SQuared Studios will work with you and your marketing team to build visual content that will help your business grow.

Increase in conversion rates when used on landing pages
Executives visit to a vendor's site after watching a video
Consumers more likely to buy a product after watching a video
Increase in conversion rates when used on home pages



Will Rogers once said, "you never get a second chance to make a first impression." A sincere welcome video on your homepage is your chance to leave a lasting impression. A well crafted message about you, your company philosophy and your products or services is a great way to set expectations for your customers. 

Commercials, Product Demos, and Infomercials

Interview style commercials, scripted advertisements, product demonstrations and infomercials are an inexpensive yet effective means to reach an audience & advertise your company or product.

Training Videos

Organized content and a mastery of the basic video principles - simple backgrounds, attention to details, good audio, and minimalist editing produces videos that help users get the most out of training sessions.


Your happy customers are credible unbiased advocates of your products and services. Properly captured testimonials are filled with benefits, substantiates your claims, and are relatable. Use your testimonials often; place them on a page of their own, on your homepage, in your sidebars and on every page of your website. 

Webinar Recordings

Webinars are a simple way to share content with your visitors, establish yourself as an industry thought leader and boost SEO rankings. Webinars are great for training groups, gives visitors the chance to review content at their leisure and subscribers a reason to visit your website.



We help actors develop the tools they need to market and promote themselves in today's competitive market. Our services to actors includes shooting on-camera audition submissions; producing monologue and cinematic scenes; and editing demo reels.


Your audition submittal should not be your next DIY project. Professional actor audition taping services are provided in an intimate, friendly environment, with the proper equipment and time and space to review and revise your submission. 

Monologues/Cinematic Scenes

Monologues and cinematic scenes are great samples if you haven't built a full reel or want to showcase a new character type. Our signature character interpretations demonstrate your ability to quickly tell a story through body language and facial expressions.

Demo Reels

Your demo reel should represent your best body of work! We produce professional actor reels that show how you look, sound and perform on camera. A good reel is an awesome tool to showcase your talent and open the casting room door.


Scripted TV & Web Series

Do you have a drama series that needs a high-end cinematic look; or a bold comedy that needs a camera crew that can follow your quick pace or perhaps you need a team to record your innovative, educational series? Whatever the cinematic style our team of professionals can execute your project affordably and creatively. 

Talk & Lifestyle Shows

Interested in sharing your point of view; love to cook; are you the resident fashionista; can you turn a piece of driftwood into a work of art...want to tell the world? Share your idea with us and we'll walk you through turning it into a sustainable TV or web series. 


You've transcribed your idea, your story into a working script. Now its time to breathe visual life into it. We can assist you with the process from budget development, through casting to principal photography and editing. Short story or feature film; let our team of creatives introduce your story to the world.